NovAge Reduce Spots



What It Does:
•Helps to dry up blemishes without overdrying
• Clearer skin quickly
• Convenient size – carry in purse on the go
• Easy to use – can be used on any skin type
How to apply:
As soon as you see a blemish developing, apply a tiny quantity of gel immediately to the blemish or blemish-prone region. Use it on a daily basis until the skin is clear.
NovAge Targeted Blemish Removal for 24 Hours.
Clinically proven to reduce blemish size in as little as 24 hours! blemish-control solution with antibacterial qualities developed to cure blemishes. It helps to produce clean skin with a perfect complexion by actively reducing redness and preventing spots from worsening.
is a beta hydroxy acid with
phenomenal sebum regulating
properties. It’s ability to penetrate
the pores and exfoliate them from
the inside makes it exceptional for
minimising blockages preventing
new blemishes from developing.
Acid helps to maintain the skin’s pH
level and reduce sebum. It is
composed of glycine – a renowned
skin purifier – combined with
Undecylenic Acid.


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