Oriflame products in Sri Lanka

Oriflame products
in Sri Lanka
 are health and beauty products as well as the best
cosmetics for women
and men. For over 50 years,
Oriflame has helped
individuals all over the world
enjoy their personal beauty and
fulfill their dreams. Oriflame
manufactures and sells
high-quality, safe, trend-driven
products to beauty enthusiasts,
as well as provides them with the
unique opportunity to join
a worldwide beauty community

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The Oriflame Products in Sri Lanka and Beauty Cosmetics

Oriflame, a Swedish beauty brand, believes that when you look and feel well, you have the ability to achieve your maximum potential. And anything is possible when you have a passionate and supportive global community on your side. From a Swedish perspective, that is beauty.
The company believes that beauty is a way of life that includes being healthy, having beautiful skin, expressing oneself, and having fun with others. Oriflame products must also be safe, dependable, and give the benefits that they promise. This concept informs their efforts to create items that you can rely on and fall in love with.
Because Oriflame is from Sweden, Oriflame has a different view on beauty and the way the company develop Oriflame products. Oriflame has always believed that combining nature and science is an important element of how Oriflame do things and how Oriflame provides consumers with safe, dependable, and effective goods. Oriflame’s reputation has been established on this.

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How to make Oriflame Products

Nature has always played a significant role in our lives in Sweden. Oriflame products are inspired by the plants that thrive in our tough Nordic climate, withstanding cold, dark winters and short, intense summers. The Oriflame company followed nature’s guidance. Oriflame cosmetics were among the first in the world to use natural extracts like birch sap extract — decades before other manufacturers did.

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Formulation Of Oriflame Products

Formulation Science, Chemistry, Skin Science (physiology and biology), Skin Ageing and Analysis, Food Science, Nutritional Science, Clinical Testing, and Instrumentation are just a few of the disciplines and areas of knowledge covered by Oriflame’s scientists and technical professionals. These skills, together with our cutting-edge R & D facilities, enable us to develop products that are safer and more effective for Oriflame customers.