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Do you want to do online shopping Sri Lanka? Are you sick of the daily visits to malls? Or do you simply want something that is not easily available in stores? Whatever the case may be, we provide you with the most reliable ways in which you can do online shopping in Sri Lanka.

Why Should You Choose Our Online Store In Sri Lanka?

When it comes to why you should choose our online store in Sri Lanka, a few points make us so much different from the rest of the stores out there.

● We are highly professional when it comes to dealing with our customers.
● There is no compromise on the quality of our wide range of products.
● Our customer services department is fully functional in case of any unusual mishaps with the shipments or your order. We are available 24/7 for you.
● Our prices are quite reasonable because we want everyone to purchase quality goods from us.
● We provide a quick response to all your queries.
● You are offered fast Cash on Delivery services to our customers worldwide.
● We deal in returns and exchanges of all kinds. We have a separate policy for our returns and exchange department.

Thameja Online Shop

The Best Online Shopping Store Sri Lanka

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What We Sell?

Our online store has a large number of products for people of all ages.
There are different categories and hundreds of products that you can choose from.
Electronics, Computers, Smart Home, Arts & Crafts, Beauty and personal care
Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion
Girls’ Fashion, Boys’ Fashion
Health and Household, Home and Kitchen, Industrial and Scientific
Luggage, Movies & Television
Pet supplies, Software, Sports and Outdoors, Tools & Home Improvement
Toys and Games



From the categories mentioned above, we have all kinds of products that you may need on a daily basis. Whether you need a coat, you can view it and simply place your order, or if you need a piece of jewelry, all you have to do is place your order. Your order will be processed and will be at your doorstep within a few days. It’s so simple and easy when you do online shopping in Sri Lanka from us. Moreover, our delivery service is super fast. You get the items you order in no time at all.

Online Shopping Websites In Sri Lanka

Online shopping has taken the world by storm these days.
Because it provides us with an easy way to shop. You don’t have to go shopping from mall to malls, stores to store. All you have to do is pick something and have it delivered to your doorstep.
It’s that simple!
Most importantly, there are many platforms where online shopping is made extremely safe for everyone, and the risk of scams is eliminated.
However, among those stores, you will either find the ones that are way too expensive or the ones that have a delayed system for delivery.
This is the reason we decided to come up with something that provides convenience at all stages of online shopping and makes the user experience very friendly. Luckily, we succeeded in that and have our very own store with the name Thameja.
We are proud to say that anyone ordering from our store will not only experience an abundance in the variety, as they will get all kinds of products, but they will also get the things they need quite conveniently, and those things will be delivered to their location as soon as possible.

Online Shopping Sri Lanka Cash on Delivery

So when was the last time you remembered that you had an amazing experience doing online shopping? Don’t remember?
We understand your concern.
How about we make it even more exciting for you, so you can remember it this time?
By doing online shopping in Sri Lanka from our store, you will be able to order conveniently, at affordable rates, and we provide fast shipment of your selected products right at your doorstep to fulfill all your buying needs at once.
This gives us a lot of advantage over other stores in the country.
Our store is one of the reliable stores to get products from in Sri Lanka, with respect to categories. You can choose from hundreds and thousands of products that best suit your needs.
We have all and everything that you may need, or you can get. Another thing about our store is that we only provide you high end and fashion products.
We are home to endless and ageless products ranging from fabrics to style to accessories, footwear, and day-to-day products.
Our online shopping store Sri Lanka offers you the ease to get products right at your doorstep. A few clicks, selection, and you’re good to take a step.
Shop at our online store in Sri Lanka to get the best experience and get 100% authentic products from recognized sellers.
We promise you won’t regret the experience.

Online Store Sri Lanka With Free COD

Our online store in Sri Lanka provides you with free delivery worldwide.
Not many stores may provide you free delivery worldwide, making us different from an international online store in Sri Lanka.
We know that many online stores in Sri Lanka do not have a sound system for swift, efficient and protected delivery service. Therefore, we targeted the pain point of the customers and decided to do something beyond that.
For this reason, we provide a rapid delivery service in both Sri Lanka and the rest of the world, keeping the reliability factor in mind, and a service that caters to our customer’s needs.
Purchase from one of our wide-ranged products today to experience our delivery services in Sri Lanka.
Order Today To Get The Best Online Shopping Experience!
So do not wait any longer!
Since you have known all the details about our store, we suggest you give it a try as well!
Shop your favorite products from Thameja Beauty today and get express delivery. You will love the convenience and feasibility we provide.
There are no hidden charges, hidden terms or any other loopholes. We do transparent business in each and every way.
At Thameja Beauty, your ease is our priority.
Once you get your first order, you’ll never want to order from anywhere else again.
See you on the other side.