Introduction to Sinhala Free Verses or Sinhala Nisadas

Sinhala free verses, or Sinhala Nisadas, are one of the most popular forms of Sinhala poetry.

Free verses in Sinhala, commonly known as Sinhala nisadas are brief lyrical poetry intended to express a variety of feelings. in the same way, the verses reflect attitudes toward the social environments. These verses can be about love, motherhood, friendship, school life, and even sadness.
What makes Sinhala free verses so special is the way they are often beautifully crafted and easy to remember. Furthermore, the usage of language is so simple. They can be a great way to show your feelings or to express your thoughts and emotions.

Sinhala Nisadas

A Sinhala nisadas is a person’s thoughts about adaraya, duka, wedanwa on amma, thaththa, boyfriend, teacher, school, and life. Sometimes it may be about the happiness that he has recently got.
There are many different Sinhala nisadas writers. However, All of them have not published their nisadas as a book. Ekanyaka Chandana, Sumith Prasanna, and Bhathia Ramesh are among the most well-known.
You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking a collection of the best Sinhala-free verses. In this post, we’ve created a list of some of the most beautiful Sinhala nisadas about love, mother, friends, school life, and sadness..

The root of Sinhala Nisadas

As we mentioned before, Sinhala Nisadas is a form of free verse poetry that originated in Sri Lanka. However, we don’t usually compose Nisadas in quatrains, with four lines in each verse. Therefore nisadas are different from poems. So, Sinhala people often use Nisadas as well as poems to send messages, which are usually about feelings or love.
Even though there are many excellent Nisadas, just a few stand out. Here are some of Sinhala’s most beautiful nisadas:

What are the reasons for the beauty of Sinhala Nisadas?

The simplicity of Sinhala Nisadas is their beauty. Similarly, complexity is far away from them. In addition, They’re usually only a few lines long and can be about anything. Sometimes they consist of five or six words. But it’s the way they convey feelings poetically and straightforwardly that sets them apart.

The importance of free verse to the Sinhala culture.

Without a doubt, Sinhala free verse has always played an important role in Sinhala art. Furthermore, people regularly consider the verses are the most powerful tool to convey heartbreaking messages to someone. they have maintained the Sinhala people’s history and traditions. Additionally, people of all ages like to write free verse. Verses have long been used by people to express their feelings and thoughts. It’s a means of expressing our feelings and thoughts. We also utilize them to entertain, educate, and motivate others. The language of Sinhala verse has always been beautiful and poetic. It’s a language filled with metaphors and similes, and it’s this language that distinguishes poets.

Sinhala Most Emotional Nisadas

The Nisadas, or the most emotive Nisadas in Sinhala, are frequently heartbreaking and reveal the poet’s deepest emotions. They are frequently confronted with love, loss, and other very emotional feelings. These nisadas are significant not just for the feelings they produce, but also for the messages they convey. The Nisadas are a powerful reminder that life is full of sadness and joy, as well as beauty and hope. They remind readers that there is always something to be proud of in life, no matter what occurs.
Writers who are madly in love, have lost someone they adore, or are deeply upset by any other profound personal experience they’re usually written to express the poet’s feelings toward the person or thing they’re talking about or to simply communicate what’s on their mind.

Nisadas in Sinhala

The Sinhala language contains a wealth of excellent writing. Moreover, the language is rich in words. The beauty of Sinhala free verse, in my opinion, should be shared with the rest of the world. So I made a list of some of the most beautiful Nisadas I’ve ever seen.

Sinhala Nisadas - Lanka Ads

The Best Sinhala Nisadas Love

We express our feelings for our loved ones. through love nisadas. These words’ combination is similar to Nisadas adaraya.
Although there are numerous Sinhala Nisadas about love, we believe these are the greatest. They effectively capture the emotions and sentiments of love.
“It is you
Yes it is
You were right behind me
and gave me a new spirit to my life
you were my whole hope”.

The Best Sinhala Nisadas About Mother/Amma

Sinhala Nisadas amma is the most challenging topic to write about. But, it is not hard to choose an area. Because there are so many things connected with mother love. Most importantly mother is the most important thing or person in the world. Now, you can understand why this is the case? Nisadas for mother can explain why the topic is so vast.
Love, caring, and emotions abound in the greatest Sinhala Nisadas about mothers. They reflect the wonderful link between a mother and her child. These verses also serve as a reminder of how great our mothers have been to us.
You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking a collection of lovely Sinhala Nisadas about mothers. We offer a large selection of poems at Sri Lanka Ads that will touch your heart.

The Best Sinhala Nisadas About Friend

The best thing in life is having friends. No matter what happens, they’ll always be there for you. You can’t imagine your life without them because they make you laugh and make you feel cherished. A lifelong best friend is worth more than just a ton of money because money can’t do all a friend can. So you’ll have to write nisadas about your friends.
Why not try reciting one of these Sinhala nisadas on friendship as a way to show your friends how much you value them? They’re lovely, sincere, and will make your pals feel extra special.
We hope you enjoy this collection of friendship nisadas!

The Best Sinhala Nisadas About School.

The happiest days of our lives are spent at school. We learn a lot of new things and meet a lot of new people. Some of the best Sinhala nisadas concerning school are listed below.
“If we don’t learn how to live, what is the use of education?”
“The sound of liberation is the school bell.”
“The most potent weapon you can use to change the world is education.”
“Those who trust in the beauty of their dreams have the future.”

The Best Sinhala Nisadas About Life.

It’s difficult to select just one nisadas regarding life because there are so many. But, if we had to choose one, it would have to be the one that discusses the beauty of life, even in the face of defeat.
People have a variety of experiences and meet a variety of people in different situations. Sinhala nisadas about life define your life, events, and feelings towards someone.
Topics such as Nisadas for Teachers, Nisadas for Birthday Wishes for Friends Sinhala lama nisadas, nisadas for father, nisadas jokes, Sinhala joke nisadas, and nisadas for a best friend might recall our memory, and
This nisadas is a reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we should always appreciate the journey. It’s a lovely reminder that even in difficult circumstances, there’s always something to be thankful for.

The Best Nisadas About Sadness

If you’re seeking a way to show your sadness, Sinhala nisadas are the way to go. These poems are excellent for expressing your emotions and expressing what you’re going through.
Some of our favorite nisadas about sadness are as follows:
The significance of the verses.
Love, sorrow, and regret are among the themes explored in this Nisadas. They provide a deep insight into the authors’ thoughts and feelings, and they are bound to touch readers. The free verses in this collection are particularly powerful and meaningful because they are written from the perspective of people who have experienced loss or sorrow. These verses give readers a rare and interesting look into the minds of people who have been through these hard feelings, and they are sure to make people feel something.
”He has gone without a word
But I feel he had said so much
I had known that he would go, but not so quickly. He had been part of my life. But he is no more.”

Beautiful Sinhala free verse at Lanka ads

This Sinhala Nisadas is about the beauty and people of Sri Lanka. As a result, nisadas are used to publish Lanka and Sri Lanka adverts. As Nisadas shows the island is a paradise and the people who live there as shining pearls.


It’s always a great feeling to have a collection of nisadas or Sinhala-free verses, that you can turn to in your time of need. These verses are bound to touch your heart, whether you’re feeling down and need some words of comfort or simply want to express your love for someone.
We hope you enjoyed this collection of Sinhala nisadas and will return for more in the future. Thank you so much for your help!