Law Entrance Classes

Sri Lanka
Law Entrance Classes

Law Entrance Classes

Law entrance classes are for students who face the law entrance exam, or LLB entrance exam.

The Law entrance classes are widely available in the main cities in Sri Lanka. The cities are Colombo, Kandy, and Kurunegala. However, some lawyers conduct the classes in other cities as well. So, if you want to go to class, you can go to the location that is closest to you.

How Law Entrance Classes Do

There are two types of law entrance classes.

  1. virtual class
  2. online class

Lawyers normally conduct both classes. Perhaps law students or other tutors do the classes. However, I am of the view that you should select the lawyer’s classes. That would be better. Lawyers conduct virtual classes in the main cities, while others do the classes in other cities. Teachers conduct classes online via the internet. They usually use Zoom to conduct the class.

Which Subjects Do Teachers Teach in Law Classes?

The law entrance exam consists of two papers but three subjects

  1. IQ and general knowledge paper

  2. Language Skills Paper

So many of the teachers teach three subjects in entrance classes. They usually teach one subject in English. because students have to do one subject in English. Students can select any subject to do in English. The medium of their language skills paper may differ depending on their choice.

Charges for Law Entrance Classes

Charges for law entrance classes are dependent on the teachers. When lawyers do individual classes, their charges may be high. They charge per hour. However, charging for online classes may be low because teachers can do the classes without spending much money. If you go to a class taught by law students, their charges may be low. There are so many law entrance classes in Sri Lanka.

Actually, there are two types of entrance classes 

  1. Law college entrance classes
  2. LLB Entrance Classes

Law Entrance Classes