Thameja Online Shopping

Online shopping is placing orders online to buy products. There are so many online shopping websites to buy products online .But Thameja is Sri Lanka’s largest e-commerce marketplace and Online Shopping store . With over 100,000 products and over 40 different types of services, Thameja has set the benchmark for Sri Lanka’s e-commerce empire. Thameja’s major goal is to provide a world-class shopping experience for Sri Lankans who purchase online. Thameja invites you to take advantage of a professional online product delivery service that complies with international standards and is based on a Sri Lankan tradition.
In addition to traditional e-commerce, Thameja introduced Thameja Global Shop, a new online platform that allows Sri Lankans to order any item from global e-commerce giants such as Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress. Thameja has created a unique online price simulator that displays a detailed breakdown of Sri Lanka’s taxes and duties for a specific online product link. Thameja also provides virtual shopping environments for Sri Lankan retail giants like Cargills Food City, which entrusts Thameja with their whole online operation. Thameja is the preferred online partner of over 250 prominent retailers in Sri Lanka. Electronics, clothing, household products, stationery, mobile phones, computer accessories, and toys, among other competitive areas, are offered for the same or lower price in comparison to stores by retailers.